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About South African Hops

Rare & never duplicated: South African hops are grown like nowhere else in the world. Nestled in the shadow of the Drakensberg Mountains, a truly special group of farms grows some of the finest hops in the world. Popular aroma varieties including Southern Passion, Southern Tropic, & Southern Sublime, South African Hops bring unique characteristics to your next brew!


South African Hop Varieties

Take a look at the unique varieties developed and cultivated at the SAB Hop Farms:


Making the Impossible, Possible

The innovative growers at SAB Hop Farms grow hops where nature says you should not. Planted at the tip of Africa at the 34th parallel, our farmers plant six-times more hops per hectare and use artificial lights to extend the growing season. With nearly 14,000 hops plants per hectare, SAB Hop Farms puts in the hard work to bring brewers around the world the most unique hops